Tuttle & Associates

We at AfterHoursWills.com are different than the traditional law firm in that we come to you at times that are convenient for you. We provide legal services after work and on the weekends, so that you do not have to (i) get to work late; (ii) leave work early; (iii) find a babysitter for your children; or (iv) even get out of your pajamas.

Further, our fees are transparent and generally known up front so that you can better plan for not only when your legal services will be completed, but also you can also know exactly what those services will cost. Typical fees for the services provided can be found on the relevant pages here at AfterHoursWills.com. For any work for which a flat fee is charge, once you provide us the details necessary to begin, we will provide you the amount for the work so that you will know exactly what you will pay up front. Before any services are provided at a hourly rate, a best estimate will be provided and while work is being done regular and comprehensive updates will be provided to you.

The services we provide all center around building and/or retaining your net worth. The idea of our firm is to allow you take advantage of these legal services in a way that helps avoid procrastination and inconvenience. We encourage you to contact us today to see if or how we may assist you.

Most of the services we provide can be started with a quick phone call, skype chat, or email, whichever is most convenient for you. We can then begin the agreed upon work and then meet at a place and time convenient for you, to sign or otherwise discuss the legal services. We currently service Utah and Salt Lake Counties. If you live in Utah, but outside of these two counties please give us a call at 801-210-0513 to see if we can help you over the phone or email.